Problem generating source code and downloading the latest version

I don’t know if it’s just my problem, but I noticed that when I have to generate the source code, through the “project menu” and selecting the “generate source code” item, the source code is not generated. I have version 9.8.013(28) with php 7.3

Problem Download latest version:
Sometimes when scriptcase warns me that my version needs to be updated, when I go to view the changelogs I notice that I actually already have the latest version installed.
What can it depend on?
Currently if I download the 9.8.014 zip php 7.3 version, I am offered the 9.8.013 version.
Thanks for the support

I have found that the source code actually is generated, but it does not update that page and still shows outdated unless I refresh the page.

On the download, that happens to me quite often. I’ll do an update and the next time I sign on it says I need to update. I try it again and it tells me I’m all updated. NO idea why, but it’s minor enough to ignore.