Problem updating field filled by javascript (try using nanospell with new tinymce)

I am trying to use nanospell as a spellingschecker.
I have managed to install a new version of tinymce in scriptcase/prod/third/tiny_mce_new/js folder by copying all new files there.
In the folder tinymce/plugins/nanospell I installed all the folders using the procedure described in
I used a tip of someone on your forum using javascript to accomplish the use of external plugins in tinymce.
Making a multiline field in a form in combination with the editor works but the problem is de field does not get updated or inserted and is empty.
All is working including the spellcheck which is nice and the option to add more plugins.
Here is what i did:
In the onload event i have this code but the field {general_log_notes} is not updated.
Anyone who can help here ??


[B][SIZE=10px]$prodFolder = $_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘form_general_log’][‘glo_nm_path_prod’];
$tinyFolder = $prodFolder."/third/tiny_mce_new/js/tinymce/";

$msg = “<script src=’”.$tinyFolder.“tinymce.min.js’></script>”;

$msg.= “<script>”;
$msg.= "tinymce.init({ ";

$msg.= "plugins: ";
$msg.= “'advlist,autolink,link,image,lists,charmap,print, preview,hr,anchor,pagebreak,searchreplace,wordcoun t,”;
$msg.= “visualblocks,visualchars,code,fullscreen,insertda tetime,media,nonbreaking,table,directionality,emot icons,”;
$msg.= “template,textcolor,paste,textcolor,colorpicker,te xtpattern,contextmenu’,”;
$msg.= "toolbar: ";
$msg.= “'undo,redo,separator,formatselect,separator,bold, italic,separator,alignleft,aligncenter,”;
$msg.= “alignright,alignjustify,separator,bullist,numlist ,outdent,indent,separator,link,image’,”;
$msg.= “statusbar : true,”;
$msg.= “menubar : ‘file edit insert view format table tools’,”;
$msg.= “toolbar_items_size: ‘small’,”;
$msg.= “selector: ‘#id_sc_field_general_log_notes’,”;[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=10px]$msg.= "external_plugins: {“nanospell”: " . $tinyFolder . ““plugins/nanospell/plugin.js”},”;
$msg.= “nanospell_server: “php”,”;
$msg.= “nanospell_dictionary: “en,nl””;[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10px]$msg.= “});”;
$msg.= “</script>”;
echo $msg; [/SIZE]

I want to use the TinyMCE accordion plug-in. Initially, it does not appear in Scriptcase. I downloaded the latest version of TinyMCE and copied the files to scriptcase/prod/third/tiny_mce_new/js. However, the plug-in does not appear in the HTML Editor. It is necessary to do another step?

A bit long ago for me how I handled this sorry. I will have a look end of this week