Problem uploading images from a camera

I have a form used for sending bills for various purchases from our employees.
I use the data type “Image (File Name)”.
I have “disabled” the Upload area as I only use the application on mobile phones.
The application is deployed on my production server (No problem in the development environment).
The problem is when I use the “Select file” button and choose to take a picture with my

phone I can not upload the picture.
When I instead select an existing photo on my phone, the photos are successfully uploaded.
I tried to find some documentation about the file and image area on Scriptcase, but there is not any documentation for this problem.

It was my php.ini setting upload_max_filesize which was configured to 2 megabyte, I changed it to 20 megabyte.

Problem solved.!

The message should have been “File to big” or something like that :wink:

I have an Ubuntu apache2 server, and PHP version 7.2, so I used my command line (Terminal) to change the php.ini file:

;~$ sudo nano /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 20M

:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Thanks for sharing how you solved your issue, I need to do a similar thing with my apps and thanks to you I have another method of checking for errors, again I thank you.

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