Problem with currency field


Im trying to get the input from the customer for a field called Hourly or salary. Here the customer has to enter the price in $ and then has to select whether it is hourly or salary.Can you please advice me how to get the selection option of hourly or Salary with teh currency textbox.Such that the customer can enter the cureency and select the option as either salary or Hourly basis.


I think the issue is on the pulldown to select hourly or salary? That’s pretty easy: go to the field which needs to contain the hour or salary value i.e. H or S. Then go to lookupfields section. Select manual. Then you can add the fields to your pulldown.

If you don’t want a default you need to set ‘use title’ and enter ‘-- please select --’ or something similar.

That should do it.

Hi Aducom,

 Thanks for your reply. Can you please help with placing this select box next to the currency text field.Such that the display will be as follows

    Price(label field) = (text field to enter price) ( selection option to selecting Hourly or Salary).

Please guide me and help me in fixing this issue.

Thanks for your help.

Go to layout -> blocks, create new block. Go to fieldposition and move these fields to this new block. Go to the block section again and set the fields to be aligned besides each other. Generate and you’re done. It might be that you need to fiddle a bit with the widths of the field, label etc in the css part of the field to get it as you want it.
The blocks can be alligned too.