Problem with edit link in select field

Links in select field

Hi, I have one form with several select fields with edit link to another forms.
The problem is that when I press the edit button of the select field, it opens the form whith the first record or with new record and not he selected record.

When I make the edit link with Scriptcase this message appears:

The form_xxx target application has no parameters.
Parameter settings are necessary for the application to display only the records that meet a specific condition.
See here how to configure parameters

Can you help me please.

Use the where clause in the form SQL

Can you give an example please

Ok, I already have this done.
But in the main form, do I have to save the variable of the select field?
Should I create it in the onLoad event?

When you create or modify the link in the main form it will ask you what field or variable you want to use in the destination form

In the main form, when I edit the link and selec the secondary form, it only lets me pass a variable or a fixed value as a parameter, I don’t see the option to pass a field.

Field should be there, I don’t know why it’s not

I have the exact same problem, did you solve the problem and if you did, would you please show your solution?