Problem with image upload


I have a problem when using the image upload functionality.
The image is being uploaded to the _lib/tmp folder with the sc… file name BUT it is not being moved to my image folder
This is in both the SC dev environment and my near live deployment environment

my near live deploymet environment is a windows box running WAMP
Apache 2.4.4
PHP 5.4.12

any ideas?

Assuming you have deployed it with ADVANCED DEPLOYMENT the files should transfer to the dir given in advanced deployment the moment you close the application.
Just make a tiny file uploader and test it out for yourself. When you close that uploader the files are renamed moved.

I have
I have a sing form with only 1 field - type image (file name)

in deployment i set the images folder to be …/member

also it is not working in my SC Dev environment

I have it working on my near live … just need to get it to work within SC now

Hi William! I have the same problem in SC env. Have you solved it? Images uploads to tmp directory, but not moves to a directory that i specify with “$this->Ini->path_imagens” and “$this->path_imagens”…