Problems with Chrome? Loss of global variables and Apache log reports issues in nm_utf8.php

Hi All.

I am having a persistent problem with one user of my system and I can’t seem to track it down. No other users seem to be experiencing this. The user reports that they are using Google Chrome on Win 10. They also tell me Chrome is running in Incognito mode.

Problems are:

  • The Apache2 log is reporting ‘PHP Notice: Undefined index: charset in /var/www/html/my_site/_lib/lib/php/nm_utf8.php on line 32 referer: my_login_form’. The same error appears for lines 371, 373, and 375.
  • The Apache2 Log is also reporting (between the entry for lines 373 and 375) ‘PHP Warning: mb_convert_encoding(): Illegal character encoding specified in /var/www/html/my_site/_lib/lib/php/nm_utf8.php on line 75, referer: my_login_form’
  • Loss of or empty global variables - a global variable that is set up in the menu app is missing or has no value a few milli seconds later when it is passed to the initial form (specified in the tabs)

The PHP Notice/Warning issue may be unrelated to the global variable issue, but I thought I would put them both in here in case it is all related to google chrome and/or incognito mode. I do not know much about the latter - could it cause the loss of global variables?

Any help / guidance appreciated.

Regards, Russell.