Problrem with Paypal API

Good morning
I have a problem using the sciptcase APIs
I followed the example I found on the Scriptcase site, I only changed the sandbox account for the tests and the price of the object which is then a subscription. Everything was working perfectly
Then I put the project on the server for publication, replacing the credentials of the sandox account with the real account and saying it was no longer a test.
Paypal returns me a “scurity header is not valid”. I have read some documentation of paypal on the error, but it is always reported that the reason should be in the creeniali of the account bad or wrong.
I have done several tests but always the same result, I tried with another account of paypal but the same error
Do you have any suggestions?


Hello, i think i had the same trouble, but i made a lucky move in my code, where the code was “testMode=TRUE” i changed for “testMode=FALSE”, and i got the same message to you “scurity header is not valid”, then i tried to change the code to “testMode=0” and in this way it worked, the paypal production page was invoked.

However this was not the final solution, i haven’t found the final solution, after paypal send me the ack=OK, the token and everything like the sample video explains, it doesn’t exist any charge in the payor accont, and neither for the vendor account in paypal, it is like never happend the transaction, sometime i tried, paypal sent me a email that says “please approve the transacion” but it was after hours, the calling page didin’t have the original data yet.



if you are using the example in SC examples, you have to modify the php method called m_paypal. if you need the correct code contact me.

Hi MarcoSC

¿Could you share the correct code with me?

When I try to move to production’s credencials blank_paypal returns “Security hearder is not valid” but I confirm my credentials are ok

Thank you !

Take care and stay safe