Progressbar for Database/Batch Processing

Dear folks,

I am using control application to do the database processing, it’s take sometimes at least more than 1 minutes. I just wondering anyway to display the progress bar ?

Thanks in advance.

Would like to know the same. Perhaps somebody could do a webinar how to do it

tried this with control earlier, specefically in the onValidate event but didn’t work, just takes the required time, then shows the progress bar for a second then gives results, funny hehe

but for grid it works fine, according to many topics in the forms having good explanation about “progress bar” and “preloader” check them out

I just found this. Good enough for me.

If you want to use the built in function in SC.

-Created a control form
-created PHP button, added SQL code to onValidate
-Created a JS function (form/onSubmit)
-added the function scAjaxProcOn();

When you click the OK button, you will see the progress bar used in SC (if you have something happening in onValidate)

Huh? Please slow down and break that down.

agree with scriptcaser, can you explain more!? this is great if works this way!

you can also call nmAjaxProcOn(); and nmAjaxProcOff(); javascript functions in various scenarios e.g.…consulta/18558

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