Project collaboration / team

After having evaluated SC, the following related questions remain:

  1. How can 2 people collaborate on the same project, ie share code? I am used to working with TortoiseSVN. How do I do this with SC?

  2. I found out that the SC data is stored in nm_scriptcase.db, and that all project php files can be regenerated from this. SQLite was the default setting on my Windows machine. Can I change this to MySQL without loosing my project?

  3. Could I then move the MySQL project database onto a server for team collaboration?

  4. How does the SC Enterprise Edition handle this, and is this what I need to buy? Or can I share the project with another dev who already has SC?

  1. with SC enterprise edition, 2 clients. TortoiseSVN: don’t go (see 2.)
  2. export projects from local machine with SC/SQLite, import project in SC enterprise edition with MySQL on a “team server”
  3. see 2.
  4. i have / use enterprise edition, however on a local machine, mainly because of the database interfaces

In addition to RHS, we use a 4 dev licence. We have installed our SC on a w2012 server. Since SC is storing it’s config into a sqlite database you have all access to the same database. However, there’s not such thing as a check-in / check-out so you have to arrange that everybody is working on his/her own section. You can store the sqlite stuff in a mysql database but we haven’t as we are working with Oracle as main db. But I don’t see the advantages of doing that. SQLite is widely used, is ACID, lightning fast. Since SC is the only user there are no multiuser issues as you would have if you’d put SQLite on a webserver to be accessed from several clients. We never had any issues. You can export/import projects, but if you have an enterprise edition why also use local environment(s). We have setup a citrix vpn to access our development server. This way nobody can try to get a connection to the development server without a physical token and access codes. But you can also work withl logmein or something similar.

Ok, understood - and thank you two for your prompt answers.

So, just for technical understanding:

  1. what is the difference between a single license and an enterprise edition? Is the single edition not installable on a server?

  2. Can 2 separate locally installed single user editions access a common remote SC SQLite database?

  3. If I purchase an enterprise edition, install it on the server, and decide to stick with SQLite (after all Firefox has a nice SQLite admin addon with import/export), can I just copy my local “nm_scriptcase.db” to server and continue working, if all the paths are the same. I guess probably not, so I would have to do the export/import thing, right?

  4. Albert, from your experience is working on a server performant enough? I know this depends on the server and bandwidth, but did you ever regret switching to a server, i.e. any other disadvantages?

  1. with enterprise edition you can work simultaneously with two or more users (provided the appropriate licenses)
  2. no
  3. try to copy it, i mean no …
  1. Under normal circumstances there’s a good performance. However, sometimes Apache tend to keep and maintain old threads which means that your server memory runs full. Then your server will significantly slow down. However, restarting the apache solves the issues. There is another issue to mention, if you shut your session illegal down it is possible that your session remains active in the database. If you re-logon it will take another entry in your session table. If you have a two user licence, then it’s possible that the second user cannot login due to the fact that it ‘thinks’ that two sessions are in use. It’s an easy thing to solve, instructions are on our website. SC doesn’t want to have it published here.