Quick access to lookup-up values in memory form a form

If you have a query like “SELECT ProductID, ProductName from products” in the field {product} on a form, the value of ProductID can be referenced as {product} within the form events.

Is there a direct way to also access ProductName also? I always do a 2nd lookup within the form events but surely there is a more efficient way.

Obviously {product[0][0]} doesn’t work. :grinning:

I dont know but I am interested to know the answer .

Any clue ?

This is a long long wish I have. The only way I could come around this issue is to have an onchange event and then requery in the event and use a label to put the result into. Not a nice solution, but no clue how to do it better.

Exactly what I do too but highly inefficient. Im sure if someone is brave enough to peer into the generated source there will be some $this->… derived variable somewhere but with an SC upgrade your code will blow up if Netmake’s naming conventions change.