​re-use the security module!!

hello guys, for each project we keep adjusting the security module and add new fields for users and so many other tiny things

any best practice to re-use this will new project without having to go again through all the changes done in fields/adjustments, new fields in db/forms size and dimentions and so!??

this is taking too much time each time to re-create the security from the beggning

i tried once to export the applications and export the data from database and imported repectly to new project, but gave many errors, seems like security module always need to be build from scratch for each project!?

any hint is appreciated

No every time you use the security module it has to add all the programming on where to post and look at the security

Can I ask why all the adjustments to the default security ?

oh, bad news :frowning: please let me know if anybody has different opinion…

okay basically i do a lot of changes in arrangement of fields, help, names, password length, size, toolbar, font and validation, also manytimes i do same groups setup like root, admin, group1, group2, and add more fields in the table of users like user/customer/employee number… etc.

Curious if you ever got an answer to this? And are you still using the Security Module? I read in another post that someone said “absolutely not” … and I am curious what that person turned off to NOT use SC Security?

Hi, if you mean to re-use the settings I’m doing new round for all that small tiny stuff with each project. If you mean you can depend on the security module, then yes, i used it on production for several projects and it is doing fine, you just need to count on many workarounds to manage your expectations, e.g. change from md5 to sha password encryption then you need to adjust your mysql field accordingly, groups and users and sync applications can be really a mess if you added new applications and removed some while project in production, as the table that holds the application names is getting long and many removed applications remain then you remove them manually… adding anything in the folder it is being added to the table of names when sync applications is used… other than that it works fine for most part. I think it depends on your project critical level so you can either implement your security measures your own or use the one from sc with lots of small modifications. in my opinion, it works, with a push :slight_smile: