Read Only access to progress database


I am building an application which has to extract data from a Progress DB.
This extraction works fine most of the time.

But from time to time another user is locking a record which I just have to read.
The user and password I use has by default only read access …

But when another user has a record open my application does not work anymore and I get an error that it was not possible to get a lock …

I searched and found the “WITH (NOLOCK)” option in queries but that does not work (error).

Is it possible to define a connection that is READ ONLY?
Can anybody help me?

Much appreciated,

Maybe I found a solution: the WITH (NOLOCK) option but for Progress this has to be placed after the WHERE and not after the FROM.
I will come back on this when I am absolutely sure …

Another option: set the ODBC connection to READ UNCOMITTED …

Use the -RO parameter in a parameter file when connecting to Progress.