Recall the lines of a previous invoice

Hi, I made an invoice with the master detail mode. I would like to have the possibility that in a new invoice I can recall the lines of a previous invoice so as not to have to write them.

If you are saving invoice information in a table, it should be easy to populate by selecting from that table.

Have a Recall button at the top.
That takes you to a grid of previous invoices.
They select one of the invoices, it goes to a blank application that copies the invoice items into a Temp Table.
Show them these items for verification.They Accept.
Copy from temp table to Actual table, send them to the Edit page where they can edit as they see fit.

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Thanks for the reply, I would like to delve deeper into the issue if possible.

The two tables involved are documents and document lines. I tried to do as you wrote to me with ajax on onchange but nothing writes to me on the document lines form.

I had tried to use a support table where I only copied the rows to import but I can’t then write in document rows.