Recommendation for attaching PDF files into the database

I am building a database that will need to have PDF files attached.

What are the recommendations on handling the attachments, the backend database is Microsoft SQL 2008

In general I prefer pdf’s images etc, to be stored on a fileserver and not in the database. I found it very difficult to replicate databases like MySQL containing large blobs to another server. Copying files is more easy. But if it applies to SQL server too, I don’t know.

remember as well that you should cap the size of blobs so the DB size doesn’t increase that much in 2 lil time. another good practice if you store files into the DB’s is to zip them before you load them. Tho I ignore your business need I have to agree with aducom, the information’s portability might increase by storing the files inside the DB but the administration of the DB might get affected (backup management, data export particularly in MySQL, etc).


Ok well fine.!!! but i need the file name i cant save the file name, only i can store the file.

Some idea?