Redir after session timeout

Hello everybody!
I have a problem for you.
When there is an unauthorized app, it compares the message Unauthorized user or connection time expired but, when I click on the Ok button, I am sent back to login which however appears in a modal window.
The problem is that on the outside I still have the header and menu of the old login. In case I had to access again I find the old menu with the new menu inside in the modal window.
Is it possible to redirect directly to the login app without it opening modally?

Thank you!

It should go back to the login app automatically, but sometime it seem to get lost

Put this code in onApplicationInit of your Login app, to patch this problem

echo "<script>
		if ( != document.location) { = document.location.href;

it will redirect your page to the top

Thanks a lot !!
I will try that soon