Row height definition within Theme

Hello all,

I’m trying to reduce both text dimension and rows’s heigh but for this second point I’m not able to.

Could you please suggest me where to define the rows grid’s heigh on personal customized theme ?


See attachment


I appreciate this is an old post but wanted to achieve the same thing myself and eventually found a solution.

Open the application theme in advanced mode. Navigate to Grid → Grid → Line → Odd Line → Line.
In the Others section under Padding these two figures refer to the vertical and horizontal padding respectively. By reducing the vertical padding figure you can reduce the row height.

Repeat the process for Grid → Grid → Line → Even Line → Even Line.

Yes, this is exactly the way to do. You can recover a lot of space “wasted” in changing the padding of the theme used.

please move this CSS setting (row hight) to the basic level from advanced.
in my case i cannot access advanced level as it requires extra features/settings and get access error somehow. the basic theme editing works fine.
( i am on CentOS 6 or 7 ) public hosting.