Salary as web developer

Hello everyone!

I’m a web developer and I’d like to know the average of the salary per month as a web developer based on the years of experience and activities that you perform.
Nothing specific, just an approximate amount in USD to have a general reference.

Thanks in advance for your help

I was a staff of one of the internet marketing company and I served as a staff web developer who has been working for 4 years. But I can pay less than the average minimum salary in this city. It is tragic salary I get.

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This is a question impossible to answer as it is depending on too many variables. It’s a very old post so…

I was an independent web developer , I average earning above 920 usd , it probably is too small for many who get over it,

It’s depend upon which firm you are working for some pay more and some pay less.

Well, I am an IT student learning web development and looking forward to have my career as a web developer. And want to know what is the average salary of web developers. I am working on to develop a PHP SMS API.

If you go to India, the hour wages are much lower than if you’re from Europe or US. So it’s depending on where you come from, state of knowledge etc. This is not a Scriptcase question. Please use this forum to post questions regarding Scriptcase.