Saving application data...keeps saving!

How can I solve the endless “Saving application data” which appears (too often).
When I open an other application it stops. But that’s not the right way working with the system.
Is it a writing issue on my computer?
Regards, Bert

It might be that your scriptcase dir still is scanned by an antivirus. In which case a lock occurs. But that is my best guess.
You could use handle.exe (see if the lock is still running (there are other tools that do the same…)

Same problem also in linux. I don’t think it’s an antivirus related problem… data is saved in database and in my case is MySql.
Appears very often when you click Save without altering anything. Really boring.

Yes rr, I think I solved with setting some other rights on folders in scriptcase. Thanks so far.
Why and how it came, I donot know.


By me it always occurs after editing in the Javascript node and then clicking Save.

Clicking on one of the event-nodes stops the message and the ide behaves normal again.

Till the next time.

Yes it is annoying… And it happens too regularly. I bet there is a new bug…

Now 4 years… I am the only one?

Same problem here, try many thing without result