Saving Application Data

This message keeps coming up at the top-left corner of my SC installation. When its there, all menu bar items to generate, create app etc disappear. It seems to go on forever and eventually I just log out and back in. But it is slowing my work down. How may I fix this pls?

I can confirm this bug…

How big is gour App? Wich php versi?n are you using?

This bug is generated in a certain sequence of actions. I have this also, but cannot exactly locate the steps to reproduce. Has nothing to do with the phpversion nor size.

anyone have a soluton yet?
I am copyin an entire set of code from an ajax routine and pasting it to the bottom of the same routine. Each of 3 attempts gives me the issue. I need to abort SC and relad.

This is a thread over 3 years ago. This barely happens now. But yeah, still happens to me once in a while. However, I do not need to log out on the SC. I usually have multiple applications open at a time. What I do if this happens is I go to another application, select any property on the left and it will stop that Saving Application Data and go back to normal mode. Then I can generate again or resume whatever I was previously working on.

Sorry I have to point to this bug again. It is very irritating.