Saving values of a select field

I have a select field using the following lookup:
select pk, concat(lot,’-’ primary_name) from owners order by lot

I want to stick either the pk (primary key) value in a variable or the lot, and primary_name in variables to populate form fields (same form) ONBLUR. The select box displays values perfectly, but I see no way to capture any of these values.


on record

[var_x] = {field_name};

if the value changes in case of a form use this in onValidate or OnValidateSucces

What it is giving me is the primary key value, not the field. For example in a form field called MYLIST:
SELECT key_field , display_field FROM table
[var_x]={MYLIST} returns the value of key_field, even though display_field is what is displayed. I need display field value.

Do I have to go back and query the table where pk = var_x?

then u use Onrecord

selecting fields from a table. you use the pk to find the value and use a field or make own to show the value

Got it. Thanks. It returns the index, not the actual field.