SC 7 Mobile Menus Fantastic but....

Hi All. Pardon my ignorance but is there a way to adapt forms to be more mobile friendly using SC7?

Currently the mobile menus are great (thanks so much Netmake!) but alas once you navigate off to an actual form app, it tries to squeeze the whole desktop (1024 etc) size into my tiny smart phone. Having mobile menus is thus like having a flashy sports car without a gas tank!!!

I’ve tinkered around to the best of my ability by 1) making the field labels appear above the fields so the form is columnar 2) fiddling around with template and CSS settings as well as settings in the form itself. It appears all the sizing options are expressed in absolute pixels instead of relative % which is what’s needed to resize dynamically across mobile devices.

Is there a way to adapt the header, footer, content, buttons etc into a jquerymobile look? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. A jolt out of dreamland would also be appreciated if this is all wishful thinking.

I’d like 2 know tneanswerto