SC 7 PDF Generator & Calendar

I see SC7 will use a new PDF generator compatible with HTML5. Will the new generator require JRE like the old one did?

Are there any improvements to the calendar? Wondering if we will have the ability to have different colors for different events.

AFAIK the dependencies on the JRE in runtime are gone, and that’s why I’m desperately waiting for this version :wink: Also as far as my information goes, the calender is subject to be changed but not before the release of version 7.

Aducom, that is great news. Just wasn’t sure if it were so. PDF export is a big part of what I do and requiring JRE was a real pain. I have my own dedicated server and tried to setup Tomcat and SC would not pick it up even though it was installed and verified. Plus running JRE does create security holes. Glad to see it gone.

No big deal on waiting for SC7 on the calendar. I know that newer versions of the one included with SC 6 will support different color events etc. I’m hoping they upgrade the cal version for SC7 or better yet go to a better new calendar.

Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to the Mobile improvements too.


Try to upload your PDF on Yumpu.

Hero Tom