SC Backup and Restore Not Reliable


I recently implemented the latest SC update with PHP7.3

First, I backed up my old SC… Then I also exported the projects… And exported some specific apps as well…

To my surprise, I found out the SC back up and restore is not totally reliable. I compared my application list and not all apps were backed up though I backed up the entire SC system… Then some apps were not restored even if they were inside the zip file when I checked.

I also tried the import for projects and apps, also not reliable. I was having a message not created by SC9 though I used SC9 to export them.

Then I tried migrating via conversion, also not reliable.

I’m totally disappointed SC! You have failed me and now I dont have peace of mind so i have to check the past back up and restoration that I did for possible missing apps or something else.

I’ve just tried to backup a project and it hangs at 33% - This kind of error is intollerable isn’t it.

For those with the same problem, I did manage to export the applications using Applications>Export Applications>All which goes some way towards protecting my development (always assuming its not missed stuff as per the comment above)

I will now have to waste masses of time trying to get some kind of proper backup.