sc_field_color linked filed doesn't work

In a grid I’ve some linked fileds, I want to change color by sc_field_color on onRecord event. Indeed before latest update to 9.2 it was working fine, after update it stopped.

Anyone have the same or found solution?

Whats is your code?

Code is like below and it workd if I delete {lastnote} 's link, if I link it to another application for example, it doesn’t work.

{amount_days} = sc_date_dif($current_date, ‘aaaa-mm-dd’,{lastnote}, ‘aaaa-mm-dd’);

if({amount_days} > 15) sc_field_style({lastnote}, “#ffbb00”);
if({amount_days} > 30) sc_field_style({lastnote}, “#ff0000”);

Your code look fine, I think that can be a bug of new version SC.
The problem is when el field has the link. A possible solution is in your SQL have 2 fields {lasnote} and {lasnote2}. and have {lasnote} invisible, and {lasnote2} with link.

I have the same kind of problem with this code:

sc_field_style({TypeDesc}, {Color});

This doesn't work too
$Color = {Color}; 
sc_field_style({TypeDesc}, $Color);

This doesn't work too
$Color = '#555EBD';
sc_field_style({TypeDesc}, $Color);

But this code work fine
sc_field_style({TypeDesc}, '#555EBD');

I am using version [B]9.2.012[/B]

use a global variable [myColor] = ‘#555EBD’;
sc_field_style({TypeDesc}, [myColor]);

Same problem with the global variable

Thank you

Still not working in 9.6.007