Sc_mail_send() macro not working

Any ideas what else to check when sc_mail_send() macro not working ?
I’m pretty sure I got: server, user,password, port correct

$mail_smtp_server = ‘’; // SMTP server name or IP address
$mail_smtp_user = ‘’; // SMTP user name
$mail_smtp_pass = ‘xxxxxxxx’; // SMTP password
$mail_from = ‘’; // From email
$mail_to = $emails_admin; // To email

$mail_message = sprintf({lang_new_user_sign_in}, {name}, {email}, {email});

$mail_subject = {lang_subject_mail_new_user};
$mail_format = ‘T’; // Message format: (T)ext or (H)tml

// Send email
‘’,’’, ‘465’, ‘T’);

I get no errors but the Email never arrives to the destination

When I have an issue that seems elusive I move the piece of code that I am working on into a blank application and debug it there … sometimes enabled debug to see what its doing … but more often than not … echo.

If you are using gmail or another service like that, security is required. Try replacing the ‘T’ with an ‘S’

sc_mail_send ($smtp, $usr, $pw, $out, $in, $sbj, $msg, ‘T’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘465’,‘S’);

the manual is quite informative on the method use, check it out there.
And if you change the connection method, ie the T then u will also want to define the correct port.
Default settings are applied, yet your server may not have default settings… that’s something u will need to check, but the macro works just fine