Hi I need to set $email_from not as email address only but also with the name that I would like to see in the emails list from (i.e from “John” <>).
it’s possible with sc_mail macro ?

Re: sc_mail

did you mean the sc_mail_send, right ?
This macro is only for sending emails…

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yes, I intended sc_mail_send of course,
I’m using gmail as smtp server and I send my email from “localhost” to for example.
It’s all ok but I would llke to see into the recipent of receiver ( the name (for example “john”) of sender (my “from”) instead of gmail address used to send the email.

How can I do it ? It’s possibile with sc_mail_send ?

Re: sc_mail

SC uses swift mail. Bounce around swift forums and see how they are doing it.

Perhaps you can make adjustments to sc_mail_send macro call.


i am also looking forward to send “sender name” with sc_mail_send macro.

Please advise if you got solution