sc_master_value does not update master when detail is edited using modal form

my order form has a detail (editable grid).
sc_master_value works only when the detail is update/save as inline.
when the detail is under “Use modal Form to edit”, update/save in modal does not update master using sc_master_value.

Do You have in detail the statement SQL for Update the master?

in the settings of a editable grid view form format, there is an option “use modal form to edit”
if this option is selected and the record is updated in a model form, master value does not get updated.
if this option is “no”. sc_master_value works, for the exact same codes as above.|-sc_master_value-not-working-when-called-from-onafterinsert

I think is related.
If you are working on v7. Don’t expects to be solved.