sc_redir with modal show OK button after exit this modal

I wanted to use modal dialog as a universal input box. I have made a form with two computed fields "label"and "input"and call it as:

sc_redir (form_log, input="default input"; label="imput something", "modal", , 500, 700);

it works fine, but the modal dialog is not shown above the form from which is called, but in a white screen with OK button. When I close the modal, I have to click the OK button to close this screen and return back to form, from which I call it - see the picture. Is it my fault or it is a standard functionality?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 15.51.39.jpeg

Hola tuviste alguna respuesta, a mi me pasa lo mismo.

After the sc_redir() do an sc_exit(ref); to return to the calling page

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