SC refuses to enable use of AJAX to refresh Select Combo Box field

Hi All.

I have a form with a bunch of fields of mixed types. I also have a master/detail relationship on this form - for illustrative purposes let’s assume this is a simple order form with product detail lines. What I want to do is add a new line item record into the detail form.

However, rather than go to the detail list and insert a record, I have manually added three fields to the master form (these fields are not in any way related to any of the master DB table). The idea is to enter either part of a product number, or part of a product description in the text field (field A), and use that to refresh the Select field (field B), with the third field © being a radio button or similar which, on click does the insert into the order line and refreshes the form. Why this way? It will be a lot quicker than going down to the detail lines and adding a line.

There are a lot of products so I need to be able to reduce the number of products in the Select combo box and I don’t think I can use Select2 with the search feature because I need to search the product table based on two fields, not just one (product number and product name).

Clearly I need to use AJAX to cause a refresh of the Select Combo Box field triggered by input in the text box.

When I first added the three fields, SC allowed me to specify AJAX processing on the text box and I selected the combo box to refresh. All good. After some basic testing, I needed to make some minor adjustments, which I did, but when I went back into the text box field to change something there, the option to perform AJAX processing within the text field was turned off - the message “There is no Select, Double Select, Radio or Checkbox field. Edit some field and change its type.” appears. The Select field is still there, so the message is clearly not correct.

I have tried to reverse out the changes. I have removed and re-added the text box field. I have tried everything I can think of, but I cannot get AJAX processing back on the text box field.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Or else, have any idea what actually might disable AJAX processing given the message, as it stands, lacks any level of specificity as to the cause of the issue?

Also happy to take any input on how else to achieve what I am trying to do… if there is a better way.


While I am still having the above problem (AJAX processing not enabled with “There is no Select…” message), I thought I would document a decent work-around.

On the Select Combo box, use Select2 with the search field. Use CONCAT to combine the two DB fields - the search box will then search both fields. Example, in the SQL for the Combo box, “SELECT id, CONCAT(productNumber, ‘-’, productName) FROM product WHERE isActive = 1 ORDER BY productNumber”

This seems to work fine. I hope this work-around is useful.

But I would not mind knowing what is going on with the AJAX processing issue… I have seen this a few times before (not an isolated case) so an answer would be useful.