SC7: Version 7 announced

Not sure whether everyone has noticed that version 7 has been announced?

A lot of reworking to support HTML5 and mobile applications, which will be fantastic.
Field, grid and form enhancements and LDAP, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter integration.

According to the ad in the News section of the ScriptCase interface, it is due to launch in 2012…

Looks like we are being treated to some great new features.

Let’s hear it for the development team. :smiley:

-+ 2012 when ?

HTML 5 PDF generation? Does this mean we can finally generate PDF with out JRE?

Well here we are in December. I am starting to get anxious about the upcoming release of SC7! Does anyone have any news about when it might be released?



I’m pretty excited about SC7 new features. HTML 5 support to generate PDFs and charts is amazing. LDAP and social media authentication will ease the life of several developers :smiley:

I’m not sure that SC 7 will be launched due to this month.

@andy, where did you see this info? When you opened ScriptCase?

Bernhard Bernsmann

If you start sc then the announcement is there. Launched in 2012. It would be great if you would organize a sneak preview for resellers.

Will keep an eye to see this message.

You should get in touch with our sales support to see if resellers can get a sneak preview.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Let me give you an eye :wink:


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t saw it.

Any update on Scriptcase 7’s date release?

it’s nervy…really,
if SC 7 is there we will get to know it …
Please stop asking every day…
I want a stable verson SC 7, may take longer time but always to pressure the developers is not a wise thing…


Pfeiffer I agree.

Each time SC releases a new version it is pretty stable. Ver 6 worked well on day one of the release with only a few minor problems. I would rather see a good stable release, but weekly updates by the SC team would be helpful too.

It sounds like SC 7 will be a lot different than ver 6 as they move to HTML 5 and Mobile. This is going to be a major release so most important will be a smooth ver 6 to ver 7 import / upgrade module. It shows that the team is dedicated to moving forward to new technology. So much to consider. Soon Flash will be a thing of the past as Adobe is moving away from supporting it, and hottest selling item this year are phones and tablets. Just imagine the opportunity! I would rather have a working version with few bugs not a beta release.

Be patient and let them get it right. Really wish they would find an alternative to using iframes though and go to ajax and includes. Oh well, maybe version 8.

I also think it will not be released this month.

maybe 15.1.2013

Hello guys,

Our development team released a note stating that SC 7 will be released this month.

If you are unsure about this information, please get in touch with our sales team, to clarify any doubts you may have.

Bernhard Bernsmann

For me it is like having some kind of d?j?-vu (just kidding) ^^ Take the time to get it stable, otherwise no one is satisfied :wink:

Best way it not to give ‘false-hopes’. Of course everybody is helped with a stable version, so if it’s not, don’t release. But don’t advertize if you’re not ready. As soon as the beta is there and there are no showstoppers on the testsite(s) you can make an anouncement for the new release. Now you always have unsatisfied clients: those who where expecting the new version and need to wait, people who bought the version and did not get what they expected etc. Just don’t do that.

The SC V6 had some nervy problems in the beginning (memory leaks in lib-editor, still problems with backup of single applications). I will NEVER change to SC V7 with my active projects because I don’t want to be BETA-tester for SC and the risk to be murdered by my own customers…


Yes, it is a gamble. Last time they released ver 6 the cost went up and I had to pay extra for new version. This time I think I will renew early. Pfeiffer, I still have one of my major projects on Ver 5, but started new ones on ver 6. One good thing is SC does release bug fixes almost every week so most major problems are taken care of in a month or two. I have to say this is better than some scripts I have purchased.

On another note, hate to admit it, but I don’t have a third party tester for the scripts I create with SC. Most of it works pretty well out of the gate, but I always have some bugs and tweaks needed.

That’s one of the flaws of SC. If you run an update you can’t go back. So despite sticking to 6 for some projects, you have to wait and see after each update. Before every update you need a full backup of SC directories and sometimes I forget. Fortunately you can run 7 and 6 besides each other. So upgrading is a less risky operation than the regular updates imho. After all, you can continue developing in 6, and test in 7 until you’re satisfied.