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Web based database management tool that allows to create, update and remove sql tables for the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle.


The log module stores in the database all actions done by the end-user in the developed applications, it can be used in the following levels:

Access level, it will store on the database each time someone access the application.

Stores the form functions: Insert, update and delete.

Stores the following information: User, IP, date and time, and the updated data.

Scriptcase will create the log tables automatically.


The security module can be created in three different levels: User; User and Application; User, Group and Application.

It will create automatically a few applications together with the database tables.

The module will also control if the user can insert, update and/or delete records in the selected forms.

The module will control the access, exports and print of all applications of the project.

It will allow the users to access through a pre-registration form unlocking the login only through e-mail.

Automatic password recovery.


Quick search option available in the toolbar.

Option to sort columns by clicking on it.

Display summary with the amount of records and displayed records.

Display number of pages making the navigation easier.

“Go to” option. It allows to go straight to a specific record or page.

Option to specify the number of records per page using a dropdown list (combobox).

Option to create grouped labels for the fields.

Option to determine the fields that will be displayed in inclusion and / or update mode.

The copy button. Now there is an option to clone records of a form.


Recognition of unique indexes - Creating automatic validation if the field is required in the form.

Recognition of foreign key - It will create the validation automatically and the automatic lookup on the field

Recognition of “not null” fields by assigning it as required automatically.


New field type: QR Code (barcode on 2D).

Display number of pages making the navigation easier.

“Go to” option. It allows to go straight to a specific record or page.

Option to specify the number of records per page using a dropdown list (combobox).

Gantt chart configured directly in the application interface.

New option to export the Grid records in DOC extension type.

Validation of required fields in the filter.

New interface to configure the charts.

New chart types: Pyramid, Cone, Funnel, Gauge, Radar, and Polar.


New field type: Spin

Combobox with multiple-choice (checkbox).

Editable combobox.

jQuery calendar.

jQuery calculator running in normal and scientific mode.

New palette color.


Refurbished menu using CSS and no javascript.

New interface to select the applications that will be in the menu.

New images to use as icons.


New component using more CSS and less javascript.


New theme editor, working in two modes: simple and advanced.

New buttons editor, it allows you to merge text with CSS images.

New interface to view and edit the header, the footer and free format (templates).


Now scriptcase will accept table names and fields with spaces, cedillas, accents and special caracters. These names can be manipulated in the scriptcase events.

Support for multi-byte characters (UTF-8, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) in tables names and fields, these names can be manipulated in the events.

Changes in the generated applications toolbar migrating all buttons to CSS.

New option to “group buttons” in a single button, working as a menu.

New events editor with a better performance and Macros autocomplete.

Changes in the production environment libraries.

New exclusive themes.


Full support for PHP 5.3 and above.


Speed enhancement at the simple application creation and batch express creation.

Significant improvements at the source code generation time.


Create application screen got unified becoming more intuitive and simple.

New option to display projects more detailed.

New application interface display more intuitive and practical.

Stylisation of the toolbar buttons improving usability.

Option to deploy an application when we are editing it.

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Re: ScriptCase 6 News

What have you enjoyed most on the new ScriptCase 6?

Bernhard Bernsmann

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

nice theme such as on extjs,and offcourse php 5.3 good work netmake, :slight_smile:

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

It has been better speedwise. Good work.

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

I’m really happy but really when it’s available? there are announcements that are made many months but still nothing.

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

Now ->

The wait has rewarded us, and I think that later you will appreciate much more developed.

It was worth the wait …

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

What’s Editable combobox? and where can i founf it ?

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

help problem in the security module
create a new group
I add a user to that group
but when I go to group applications to give permission
I do not save changes to that group only to administror
help is very important

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

disappointing, v6 didn’t bring anything crucial like WYSIWYG, aggregate gmaps …etc. Changes are cosmetics only.

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

There’s enough new stuff for me that I will probably upgrade.


Re: ScriptCase 6 News

the best thing in sc6 is LOG system its cool :slight_smile:

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

yes security on sc6 doesnt work, but if you convert from sc5 to sc6 ( sc5->sc6) with security sc5 its work :slight_smile:

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

We will create one application like that on the next releases, maybe on 6.2.

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

I did not understand you very well, could you elaborate?

For me it is, could you try creating a new Security Module?

Bernhard Bernsmann

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

Hi Bernhard,

I have to confirm that the security-module seems to be very buggy and also has some points which seem not to be secure.

    [li]there is "[b]app_form_sec_groups_apps[/b]" always giving an error: [b]in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given | Script: XY:[/b][b]my_path[/b][b]Scriptcasev6wwwrootscriptcasedevelclassgenerator mFontePHPForm.class.php linha: 11942[/b][/li] [li]the email variables, set during installing the security module, are not 100% written to the target: [b]$mail_smtp_user = 'scriptcase'; // SMTP user name $mail_smtp_pass = 'netmake';// SMTP password[/b][/li] [li]why are these data written to each file it uses. Each app has the method send mail message, where these data are stored. Why not a project method in the library, now, we have to change it everywhere, after finding it. In my opinion this is complicate ab insecure[/li] [li]Everything to retrieve the password ends to: [b]Parse error[/b][b]: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in [/b][b]XY:my_pathScriptcasev6wwwrootscriptcaseappV6_Testapp_retrieve_pswdapp_retrieve_pswd_apl.php[/b][b] on line [/b][b]1212[/b][/li] [li]Groups/Applications setting the privs is not always possible, some forms are possible to set priv access, priv insert, priv delete ... some forms only allow access, but give full rigths.[/li] [li]Groups/Applications saving works everywhere i tested, but leaving that app with close tells me: [b]Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /my_path/scriptcase/app/V6_Test/app_form_sec_groups_apps/$this->nm_location on this server. [/b][/li]
So long my short tests with the new security model. Got to say I really like the idea behind that, but in the moment it seems to be unusable. Security Module V5 converted to V6 works. Same like Security model (!) of V4. But in the moment I am not really sure if it is a good idea to work with V5 Module in V6, still testing.

Converted Date fields have less attributes than the new ones: Internal Format is missing . There also seem to be problems with the Display Calendar, which does not work correctly for me.

Small suggestion for the future releases, would be great to have an attribute in fields, which sets the field privileges as visible/invisible or a special mask according to the users-group.

Please force pdf-creation without JRE !!! THANK YOU

OK, I will return testing :wink:



Re: ScriptCase 6 News

hello Bernhard when i create security on sc6 error like this :
app_form_sec_groups_apps -> doesnt succes to generate (red bullet)


Re: ScriptCase 6 News

anychart on ubuntu work again, i replace folder anychart on sc6 with anychart sc5…:slight_smile:

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

thanks for fixed anychart on sc6,back to anychart sc6 again :slight_smile:

Re: ScriptCase 6 News

when creating the security module ScriptCase 6 all fine but when I need to assign privileges to the group in which the user belongs I can not because I can not be saved only modify privileges in the application only to the group administrator but when I create the users group can only add data in some applications the data is not stored pressed save but not saved
help is very important please