SCRIPTCASE 7.1 not updating SQL code

After some testing I can certainly say this is a BUG in SC7.1

I changed connection from MySQL to SQLite, than updated all connection strings for every App.
I took first App with the standard GRID and updated the SQL statments accordignly (as SQLite database have had slightly different fields)
Unfortunately SC still keeps the old SQL script (somewhere) and displays Error message referring to the fields which do not exist (in new SQLite table).
The stcript is corretc (I double checked it).

To make sure this is a bug I simply created new App with the wizard which uses the same connection, same database, same table. This App runs fine.
Then I copy/paste SQL script to the old App - and got same Errors. Obviously there must be some kind of cache or something that prevents SC from reading the changes.

I have also had a variable created in an old App, which has been removed, but when I try to create a link SC asks me to provide a Parameter to pass (which is irrelevant), co this proves even more that the setting from the older version are carried on to the new one and changes are not reflected. This is pretty serious bug as it psimply prevents from re-using pieces of Projects in new projects.

I have over 50 grid Apps and I’m not really willing to recreate each one from scratch just to get this working

I would like to hear from Net Make what we can do ?



Make sure that you have saved the new SQL statement under SQL. After that go to select fields and select any field you want to use on your application. And then go to edit fields and change accordingly.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, go to scriptcase/app and delete the generated folder for any grid application that isn’t updating correctly.

Bernhard Bernsmann