Scriptcase 8 is coming soon!

Where is relase date?
Where is the description of the new and enhanced features?

Thanks for the info

Don’t know when, but

there are no official news?


there are no official news?


Afaik no. Currently SC is selecting some customers for betatesting. But so far there’s no beta yet.

They are hoping for the end of June but there might be delays due to the world cup and public holidays. This is what I was told yesterday.

On the webcast. Yes. But I expect as RHS that when we can do a beta we will find a lot of issues. So it will take some time to solve them. But I also heard that in july SC is planning to do webcasts about (new) features in SC 8. So I realy do not have any idea when they think it’s mature enough.

When it’s done :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on SC8? I’m looking forward to evaluating it. I was not altogether impressed with the current version so I’m hoping that SC8 will change my mind.

Scriptcase 8 enterprise full cracked edition. Today I came across an issue that does not appear to have a good solution check out main features code generator.

All you get from those kinds of websites are exe files with worms, viruses and else. And you wouldnt be getting scriptcase cracked either, just normal scriptcase which anyone can download with nothing in it or a standard tryout version in it. And you’d have to pay for downloading it… lol good luck for those people that get a standard tryout edition that anyone can download for free… But if it is a real one (which I doubt) then just inform John L Santos.

[SIZE=14px]Criptcase 9 is relase. It comes with important implementations for Business Intelligence contemplating news features for reports, charts, pivot tables and dashboards. :o[/SIZE]