Scriptcase 9.00.0024 - AutoSave Setting Highlight/load Issue ??

AutoSave is a nice feature :slight_smile:

If (starting in version 9.00.0023) you were working on a Form setting and then moved directly to another setting AutoSave works most of the time, but the highlighted setting you were moving to would not be shown on screen as you’d expect. Its like Scriptcase forgot to move to the desired setting. If you close out the application you are working on I noticed the AutoSave popup, but the contents of the application was not saved.

If you save the setting by using the toolbar icon and then move to another setting everything works fine.

This is a minor bug to be sure, but it can be annoying at times if you forget. Could Scriptcase look into this bug in an upcoming release? I haven’t checked this functionality out entirely in the other application types. Thank you.