ScriptCase Example - Filter and Grid on Same Page


There is a SC example in the Filter Forms section with a Tutorial called “Filter and Grid on Same Page” (note - its is called Search and grid on same page when you open the tutorial). This application shows two drop down boxes (Supplier and Category) above the Products table. The heading on both is called Search and Grid on the Same Page. I’m trying to replicate this tutorial, but I don’t understand where the two drop down boxes are established. I’ve followed all the tutorial steps including the Search Lookup and SQL Select, but when my application is run, the drop down(s) are not displayed. In my case, I have a simpler situation with just 1 filter and the grid, so I only need one drop down and the tables are mine. But other than that my app is set up as per the tutorial as best as I can determine.

In my case, my grid is for my table called mysqlTA and it has a string field called ‘main_entry’ (it’s really just like an id field but a string). This field is also in my table mysqlT8. You can think of this table as performing similar function as the Supplier Table in the Example. In my table mysqlT8 ‘main_entry’ is the key field and similarly in the mysqlTA table, but they are not master/detail. Here is my SQL Select in the Search Lookup section:

SELECT main_entry, baseword
FROM mysqlt8
ORDER BY main_entry

I’ve set the behvior to Yes for OnChange Submit, Lookup Method 'Automatic, etc.

I’m sure there must be something I’m missing, but I followed and replicated steps 1-13 in the Tutorial as applicable to my tables, but I don’t get any drop down box for my table mysqlT8. The grid mysqlTA displays fine, but there is now drop down above it for mysqlTA table.

I don’t have the example tables, or I would try the example exactly as it is.

Ant thoughts much appreciated.


I have the same need for SELECTION list so the grid is filtered base on user selected string (no the search). Did you have a chance to manage this problem ?