Scriptcase Forum - Rules of Coexistence

​[SIZE=18px]Rules of Coexistence[/SIZE]

ATTENTION: By participating in the Forum you are agreeing to the rules contained herein, the reading is the responsibility of the user. To say that you do not know the rules is no excuse to justify acts that misunderstand them.


Welcome to the Forum, Scriptcase is a powerful tool that increases the productivity of WEB development. ScriptCase runs directly on your browser, allowing for collaborative development. Scriptcase supports the leading databases on the market, generating flexible code independent of the used database and operating system. Scriptcase is simple to learn and use, increasing productivity, reducing cost and time.
It is important to note that this forum is not an extension of support services and does not have a responsibility to solve problems. The purpose of the forum is to keep users of Scriptcase united for the exchange of information and experiences that they have with the framework. Failure to read the rules and rules of conduct is no excuse for committing irregularities.

[SIZE=16px]Initial considerations[/SIZE]

Any created topic or post made is entirely the responsibility of who made it. The content must obey the corresponding forum topic. Any information provided by users is the sole responsibility of those who informed.

In case of problems, doubts, complaints or constructive criticisms (if made by visitors who actively participate in the Forum, indicating the links that substantiate them) regarding the forum, please refer to the Moderators or to the Forum Administration.

The Administrators and Moderators are not obliged to respond to messages with technical doubts about information technology and / or areas of which it is moderator;

[SIZE=16px]Moderator / Administrator Actions[/SIZE]

  • Moderators may, within the rules described below, move / edit / block / delete / join / separate topics in order to give the forum the best possible organization, and, at its discretion, apply punishment to members who commit any of the infractions Under the terms described below, being responsible for these actions and reporting them to the Administration of the Forum;

  • Any criticism against the moderators should be discussed with the moderator concerned. If they are not resolved, they should be sent to the Forum Administration, which will take the necessary measures after analysis;

  • Whenever necessary, the Administrators may close areas, open new areas or take any action in order to maintain the best organization and good progress of the Forum;

There is a set of rules established in order to maintain order and the proper functioning of an organization. This forum has pre-established rules, elaborated carefully for the purpose of providing a free information service on computers in an organized and user-friendly way. By confirming the registration, the member agrees to comply strictly with all the rules stipulated herein. Therefore, terms like Freedom of Expression, Censorship, Dictatorship and the like should not be used to justify noncompliance with the rules. In this way, any means of expression used in this forum that are not consistent with it and / or that face the rules will be subject to interventions by the administrators or moderators, who will take the appropriate measures to restore order, the smooth progress of the forum and unconditional compliance with the Rules.


1. Corrective actions:

1.1 - The member that commits a light infraction will be notified through a private message.

1.2 - A member who recidivates a slight error or commits an average infraction will receive a warning, which will be recorded in their user history.

1.3 - If the member commits a serious infraction, as well as a recidivism if he has already been warned, he will receive a point of infraction and will be suspended from the Forum for one day.

1.4 - Having a registered infraction point, if the member commits a new infraction will receive the second point and will be suspended from the Forum for a week.

1.5 - If the member that has two infractions commits another infraction, it will receive a third point and will be suspended for fifteen days.

1.6 - If the member who has three points commits a new infraction, he will receive a new infraction and will be suspended for thirty days.

1.7 - If a member who has four registered offenses re-commits an infraction, he shall be banned from the Forum.

All violations and warnings will be recorded in a log and user record, which are restricted access to the moderation team.

2. The following are considered minor infractions:

2.1 - Messages not related to the subject of the topic (off-topic) and that are not linked to the subjects covered in the forum areas.

2.2 - Topics or messages that become chat, that is, the subject points to another that has nothing to do with the original doubt.

2.3 - Titles of topics not related to the doubt of the same, directing it to any member or any form of attention.

2.4 - Use capital letters, bold letters, colors, fonts or any form of attention, whether in the whole message or in the title of the topic. It is allowed to highlight small snippets of the message.

2.5 - Excessive use of slang and writing in an unintelligible way.

2.6 - Creation of subsequent messages in less than 24 hours, either in order to “upload” the topic / doubt or not, or the creation of more than one topic on the same subject, in the same sector or in more than one.

2.7 - Respond to stopped topics for more than 6 months without adding useful content to it.

2.8 - Acting as a moderator of the forum without actually being - for example, responding to topics with phrases like “Please post in the correct area”, “This topic has already been discussed”, “If you search you will find the answer”.

3. The following are considered average offenses:

3.1 - Creation of login (username) similar to those used by any member of the moderation team.

3.2 - Topics or messages with the theme “Company A vs. Company B”.

3.3 - Messages with wrong or false information.

  • Messages with speculative content must be properly flagged as such.

3.4 - Messages that do not contribute to the progress of the topic.

3.5 - Lack of cordiality and education, whether in topic, message, signature, profile or private message.

3.6 - Successive non-compliance with local rules.

4. The following shall be considered serious offenses:

4.1 - Subscriptions, nicknames, avatars, profiles, messages in topics or private messages (MP):

  • Related to piracy (“cracking", “hacking”, serial, illegal downloading of programs and / or games, link indications), the content of which is destructive and / or malicious, with exposure or means of obtaining confidential information and / or personal and similar, regardless of the form of expression used, whether in writing or in any audiovisual format.

  • To enforce any laws in force in Brazil (illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, smoking, murder or inducement to it, robbery, stealing, stealing, trafficking, smuggling, misdemeanors, firearms, theft, etc.) And / or pornographic, morbid content, being also vetoed apology to any subject mentioned in this rule and the others provided by law.

  • To enforce any laws protected by international agreements in force.

4.2 - Offenses, defamation or criticism without foundation to any individual or legal entity, regardless of the reason, whether via message, topic, profile or signature.

4.3 The creation of any commercial message, marketing and / or advertisement, including nicknames, avatars and signatures that contain content of a service that NetMake / ScriptCase offers or will offer.

  • Companies can create registrations on your behalf to discuss with our users without problems, as long as the intention is not to advertise your products and / or services.

  • Disclosure of personal websites that contain commercial purposes and / or any type of commercial advertisement is prohibited.

4.4 - The use of more than one register per person, regardless of purpose.

4.5 - Any messages that incite noncompliance with the terms of use of ScriptCase, including nicknames, avatars and signatures.

5. The following are considered serious offenses:

5.1 - Messages in topics, private messages, e-mails, signatures, images in topics or avatars, audiovisual publications and nicknames that promote:

  • Incitement and / or apology to any type of discrimination (ethnic, religious, political, gender, nationality, origin, minorities, etc.) and / or content related to terrorism.
  • Incitement and / or apology to torture (physical and / or psychological), mutilation of any kind or suicide.

5.2 - The sending of messages promoting any type of business (SPAM), for profit or not, whether in the form of topic, message, private message or email.

5.3 - Use of another registration during the period of suspension of the user’s original registration.

5.4 - Participants who defame the NetMake Company (its creator, employees, collaborators, participants, etc.) in other Forums, Blogs, Orkut, personal pages, among others, when identified will be permanently banned, even if they behave within the forum rules or Active participants.

5.5 - Offenses whose message content is aggravated by name-calling and low-slang words *, are against any persons, websites or companies.

  • The infraction will disregard the fact that the tool of censorship of the forum replace the words of low slang by asterisks (*), since the offense will be clear and evident. Therefore, the member will be punishable.

Attention: The Moderation and Administration Team of the forum will take into account the user’s history to determine the level of punishment for the member who commits a serious infraction, which may vary between the application of the infraction of a point and the definitive ban.

[SIZE=16px]Procedure in case of complaint or criticism of moderation:[/SIZE]

I - Contact the moderator (s) in question to establish a dialogue. Try to explain clearly and objectively the reason for the dispute or criticism, using for this common sense and cordiality, essential elements for the solution of the problem.

II - In case the solution to the problem is not found when talking to the moderator, contact the Administration of the forum, who can analyze and find a solution to the case, being the last word about the subject matter.


  • The above procedure should be performed via MP (Private Message), both in the contact with the moderator in question and with the administration. Messages posted publicly in any areas of the forum related to complaints and criticisms of moderation and administration will be deleted and the author notified for the improper action. The insistence on publicly posting complaints and criticisms after the notification will result in punishment for the author of the publications.

  • By contacting an administrator, the member will receive a private message from him, confirming that the case is under review. The administrator will review the case and send the second private message to the member, containing the conclusion on the subject. The administrator’s response will be sent to the member no later than 72 hours after the first private message is sent.

  • Low slang words and curses in the message sent to the moderator or administrator will not be tolerated; The message is ignored. The insistence on this procedure will result in punishment for the offender.


  • When posting a question, be polite and include all the details that may be useful for anyone who is willing to help you with the problem, starting with the title, which if not related to the problem will hamper a correct answer. Remember that the other participants of the Forum do not only attend to answer your questions, but also to learn. In addition to posting questions, always try to contribute something. The most respected and dearest participants are always the ones who help the most.

  • Give preference to the exchange of information by the forum, the request for information by extra forum path will only be accepted in indispensable cases.

  • Always research before creating a topic, as your question may have been answered previously and you will gain enough time with it.

  • If you find any message outside the rules, report it.

  • Keep only one topic to address similar questions, do not open a new topic for every little change in your problem / question. If your problem or doubt is going through some major changes, please request the blocking of the topic and open a new one.

[SIZE=16px]Final considerations[/SIZE]

  • No moderator is allowed to ask for your password to access the forum. Your password is personal and neither can the Administration know about it, since it is stored in an encrypted form in our database.

  • Being a participant who collaborates, who has great knowledge or who responds to many messages does not add any privilege, nor does it exempt him from his obligations as a member of this community. The rules are for everyone.

  • When a participant is expelled or when the user asks to be excluded from the forum, everything related to the login (profile, private messages, etc.) will become the Forum, and he will not have the right to claim any personal data or saved messages, Topics and / or tutorials.

  • The rules of the Forum may be changed without prior notice.

Administrators and Moderators may, using common sense, act using all available resources to avoid situations that cause confusion, fights, discussions or situations that impair the functioning of the forum and its participants, even if the situation is not provided for in the rules above.

The rules described above are used in reputable forums, to help us keep the forum organized and well-structured for its improvement. Helping us to keep track and order will benefit the user the most.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jefferson Albuquerque
Support Manager