Scriptcase Joomla CMS


I have used SC6 and SC7, currently thinking about developing with SC again. There is just one question. When are you ready to support a CMS like Joomla with a Module to show Application and user integration? It’s hard to rely on something like JScriptcase. When the developer decides to drop his project, we are out of luck. I set up a fresh Joomla 3.5.1 site and now I am trying to find a CCK. Tried SEBLOD for Joomla etc. Scriptcase is what I would use, but it needs to flow right into Joomla.

Any plans? Is it really that difficult to integrate it? IFrames might work for simple things, but the App needs to be rendered inside Joomla pages and work with Joomla Users.

I’m not from scriptcase so I can’t tell. But I would be most surprised if SC would support any CMS out-of-the-box. Besides Joomla there are a lot of other pehaps more popular CMS’s out there and I wouldn’t invest development time into an integration if it wouldn’t be for the whole community.

But having said that, this issue has been brought up a number of times. Integration of Scriptcase in any cms isn’t that hard to do.We do it in E107 CMS and I’ve seen succesful implementations in Wordpress. The only issue you might come accross is to integrate CMS variables into your program as they don’t share the same php pool. But with sufficient knowledge about the cms you can call your sc applications using url parameters coming from your cms or access the Joomla database directly from scriptcase. Use a wrapper plugin or use IFrames.


Do you have an example of a wrapper I could see? I am considering using Joomla and have some applications written in Scriptcase.