Scriptcase login loop

Hello people:

Has been a while since the last time I participated in this forum… good to see you all still active.

I’ve noticed a really weird bug, whenever I log from a mobile network (sharing wifi connection with my phone or using my GSM tablet) i am unnable to log into my development environtment. for some reason, whenever I log in it redirects me back to the login screen, after another attempt, i receive a popup saying that the user is already logged in, i click on disconnect user but it goes back to the login screen, in my third attempt the same pop up appears with another session id.

Am I the only one with this problem.

I’ve made sure all navigation is functional, deleted all the tmp files, removed all sessions and even rebooted my server with no luck.

Please help me if you guys can.


Are you using modal forms and prevent popup on your mobile browser|?

noup… even when I log in my computer using a mobile connection. (commonly I use my laptop at home but since I’m on the road I use my lap but with the wifi of my mobile device to navigate) it fails.


Dear kafecadm,

I am facing the same situation when trying to use my cell phone as a hotspot for my laptop, when I travel. I also had the problem while trying to acess scriptcase from a computer under regular wifi network from a hotel.

Did you solve the issue?



Hello Daniel:

I actually fixed it, you see after careful deliveration and talking with the hosting people (Also from scriptcase) I decided to take my scriptcase environment and throw it into the trash. tired after so many years of needing to hack into their issues to fix them, tired of not receiving timely answers from their development, tired after I asked to distribute their product and nobody had the decensy of following up in my request, even more tired of not being able to do what I really wanted to do with scriptcase and having to create workarounds like SC people itself payme, I thrash it.

So I know this is not what you wanted to read but it is the truth after all.

So I would like to recommend to you:

Been working with this platform for the last year and it has been awesome to me.

  • CSSing has been way easier
  • Edditing the JS is easy as well
  • Compatible by design with mobiles (without that stupid idea of creating additional applications for that)
  • The code is readable (yes, check that out… it is actually readable)
  • Since it’s bootstrap compatible, that means that you can add any bootstrap theme you like.
  • Waaaaaaay faster at loading heavy datasets into grids
  • the team has been really responsive when it comes to bugs
  • even tho the forum doesn’t have that much activity atm the documentation and tutorials are a great kickstart.
  • integration with gateways and stuff is waaaay easier than with SC.
  • you can debug… yes you read… actually debug with XDEBUG from the start without needing any additional configuration.

Well the list goes on and on. so my recomendation is try it, compare it and make your own decission.

I am around if you need anything else.

Kind Regards