Scriptcase macro " sc_trunc_num" not working

Has anyone this issue ? I did exaclty what the guy did on this video By scriptcase… and it not working !!!

Hi @Karpodinis_Software

Can you tell me exactly what is the field type you’re using?


I am using “DataType” = currency, and I have set “Decimal Precision” = 5.

Then I am using the sc_trunc_num({number}, 2); on the event “onLoad” and the decimals of the number are for example 20,00000.
This should be 20,00 and not 20,00000.

I am using form Single Record.
I have also tried it to the events “onApplicationInit, onScriptInit” but still nothing.
My scriptcase version is 9.7.000

Have you tried it on your application ? And if yes, is it working ?