Scriptcase pricing.. is this for real?

Ok… hold on to your hats.

Scriptcase Pricing is out of whack,
I currently have Scriptcase 9 Starter for MySQL/MariaDB and I am wanting to upgrade to Enterprise and get an additional developers seat.
Using the Get Offers link in SC, I click my choices and I see that it’s $2,613.70 to upgrade my license and get an additional developer seat
But if I were to just go the the main SC website and buy a new license for Enterprise with 2 developers seats… it would only cost me $ 1,258.20 and that comes with 15 fee days of Support.
That’s a savings of 52%

I don’t get the pricing of scriptcase. When i click on my offers i get different prices depending on the link i click on. Very confusing. Also there is black friday is this for regular costumers or for the ones that already use scriptcase?

The pricing of BF is not released yet afaik. But @nwdbs, a few years ago, I paid under 100$ for renewal, which is now 5 times that much. (2017:80$, 2018: 95$, 2019:111$, … 2021:400$, 2022:570$, 2023 ??

For South america are astronomics prices.

The price are very expensives. The dollar for south america is ver high.
The price to renew my Enterprice licence one seat is: $ 929.40.
The basic salary month for my country is 200 Dollar!!!.

También he tenido problemas, que tenido que pagar en dólares, porque cuando cambiaba a euro se incrementaba el precio de la licencia, más allá del cambio de la moneda.