Scriptcase Security Module Default Variables


Scriptcase security module is very useful. For beginners like me, you can create a secured system in no time. I just wish that were an option to assign or provide own name to session variables particularly the login variable. Instead of [usr_login], can it be like this [whatever_in_my_mind] without manually editing the codes and functions.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 17.55.56.png

You can add your own names by creating session variables and make them equals to the SC defined ses vars.

[whatever_in_my_mind] = [usr_login];

Yup definitely it can be done. but that would mean creation of another session variable. and it makes the system predictable and vulnerable since a hacker may expect that [usr_login] variable will be available as the login variable.

By default, SC security module, once used, generates these session variables:
[scriptcase] //with subarrays
[sc_session] //with subarrays

if only theres an option to have own names of the session variables when using SC security module, maybe we can have it like this:

[scriptcase] //with subarrays
[sc_session] //with subarrays

OR this:
[user] //with subarrays and values for login, email, name, etc… <=== although im not sure how to make subarrays using SC format for session variables
[scriptcase] //with subarrays
[sc_session] //with subarrays