Scriptcase to acquire images from device and store in database

How can i use scriptcase to acquire image (jpeg/png/gif formats) from a webcam, fingerprint scanner and signature pad and store in database

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Old post but I can answer this.

If the devices happen to be running on the ‘server’, yes. You can write PHP code and/or use libraries or even other languages to access the data from those devices. Now ‘server’ doesn’t have to be a traditional web server. You could have an SC generated application running on a LAMP stack on any PC, such as one dedicated and hooked up to your security devices, like at a security station I suppose. Or a self serve Kiosk perhaps. Your user interface would be your browser based SC application. When you clicked on a control button to ‘take a pic’, you would have to have PHP code in an event that would grab the data and store it, etc.

If those devices were running on PCs that were not the server, then your SC application would not have access to the devices on that machine. SC generates a web browser based application. Browser apps are running on a client, and typically you can reach into the client’s machine and do things. (except of course every school kid seems to be able to write virus code that launches when you click on an email or webpage and it erases your hard drive, watches you thru your web cam, etc LOL).

If we think about what those viruses are actually doing, we can learn something that might help as well. They are actually downloading and installing a helper program on teh local client PC. In the case of a virus it is all bad and evil. But we could also write client software that we might be able to use to help us return data to our database, and then our application can use it, manipulate it.

That would be creating a sort of hybrid application. I have done this as well, using my own programming which I ran thru the free Phonegap system. Phonegap lets you build a native application for android and so on. I had only a few functions, one being to grab a QRCode using the devices camera. This was sent to a server database. The other part of the native app was simply a browser dedicated to running a SC generated application. Since I controlled the browser, locked onto my SC application, I could all make it look seamless. It actually worked well for a nationally distributed project. The advantage for me was that my web-based SC application could be the same regardless if the target was android, iphone, or windows PC user.

That said, you might consider using something like Livecode to do your application. Those apps woudl run native, and send all the data to the central server. Use Sc to easily make that side of it, an admin system.

I have never found one system (yet) that handles all of it. SC is great for what it does. If you are creative :slight_smile:

Use the webcam.js library. It sorted me out big time. You embed it as a library in SC and then create a blank application and walla!!!, you have what you want. The tutorial is not SC inclined but it has everything you need to set you up

Good luck!