ScriptCase v8.1.067 (2017-06-30 15:44)

New functionalities

  • Added support for more languages in the calculator.

Specific correction

  • Fixed CSS vertical alignment of text fields title and number related to the help of the field.
  • Fixed issue when using two checkbox fields, the second field was not displaying the internal lookup value after ajax processing.
  • Fixed issue in the onclick event. The event was not retrieving the value of the double select field.
  • Fixed issue in the placement of fields in the report headers pdf images.
  • Fixed issue with Grid detail fields display. There was a problem in the display of the fields when exceeded the button toolbar.
  • Fixed issue in the submit page to change the option to view the mobile version.


  • Fixed problem when exporting pdf from chart applications.
  • Fixed issue when performing the search in the quicksearch in the fields and number text Auto-Complete.
  • Fixed issue when changing the quantity of items in multiple forms and grid editable. The value of the WHERE clause in the field was being not set.
  • Fixed issue in the infinite scroll when the buttons of “advances and return” were enabled in the application.
  • Fixed problem when updating a field of type “image (file name)”. The image type field was not updated in the database.
  • Fixed problem in generating maps (Google Maps) on mobile devices.
  • Fixed problem of charset with the charts
  • Fixed issue in the macro “sc_error_message” on a onValidade event when the application name started with number.
  • Fixed problem with capture links within the control applications.