ScriptCase v9.0.003 (2017-05-11 16:56)

New functionalities

  • Improvements in the security module. From this version, when a new user is added using the “new user” application available within the login, the new user will be added to the group “default” available in the security module group type settings. The user will also become active automatically. However, if the option to “require activation by email” is selected during the security module creation, the user will not be active automatically.
  • Added the syntax N ‘’ for the conversion of the string types Nchar, Nvarchar and Ntext.
  • Added option to display the amount of records in the summary’s search.
  • Changed the “clear” button placement within the summary’s search.

Specific correction

  • Added validation on the backup/restore of files from version 8.
  • Fixed error of “Invalid argument supplied for foreach” devel/lib/php/ 827 in the Grid lookups on Postgres connections.
    ​- Fixed issue when using SQL syntax index with MS Access connections.
  • FreeTDS path protection on shared servers.
  • Fixed problem in listing the total values of calculated field “percentage” on the Group by metrics.​
  • Fixed problem in totals list for numeric fields of the indexes in the dashboard using Access ODBC connection.


  • Fixed error in deleting the master detail in connections with Firebird. (Bug from PHP 7.0).