ScriptCase v9.0.004 (2017-05-19 01:03)

Specific correction

  • Fixed duplicate label problem when using “Title on the same line” in the Nested Grids
  • Fixed error when running the Grids without items on the toolbar.
  • Fixed duplicate label problem when using other selected fields on the Group by line.
  • Fixed issue when using global variable in the Grid label.


  • Fixed error supplied for foreach () when generating application created by the Log Module.
  • Fixed problem in totals list in numeric fields of the dashboard indexes using Access ODBC connection.
  • Fixed accessing problem when using option “Use database session” on the values of ScriptCase system.
  • Fixed issue in decimal values in virtual fields in the summary totals.
  • Fixed display problem on the background image in the Layout of the PDF Report.
  • Fixed problem of disabled button after import project.
  • Fixed issue in view of the amount of records on the toolbar using dynamic breaking
  • Fixed issue in fields types recovery using SQL with JOIN in SQL Server (Native Server)
  • Fixed problem in the displayed values in the summary search using WHERE in the SQL query.
  • Fixed problem in sorting date fields in dimensions with drilldown in chart application.
  • Fixed CHARSET problem in PDF export the grid application using the Arabic language with WINDOWS-1256.
  • Fixed issue in value display using the macro sc_date_dif_2.
  • Fixed problem in check of the record criticized by the validation of field required in the multiple records forms.