ScriptCase v9.0.005 (2017-05-25 20:13)

Specific correction

  • Fixed problem when using buttons group in the Grid detail.
  • Fixed problem with capture links in the Control applications.
  • Fixed problem in the Charts PDF generation.
  • Fixed problem with fields display in the Grid detail. The fields were exicciding the Grid bottom toolbar.
  • Fixed problem in link naming in exporting applications.
  • Correction of the sending of langs feedback in the application language interface.


  • Fixed problem using log module with different connections in the application.
  • Fixed sorting problem in the Grid Group by.
  • Fixed bug in the insertion of html “doctype, html, head, body” in the html editor field.
  • Fixed SQL error in including files and images in the multiupload field.
  • Fixed problem in Grid sql when using ORDER BY clause with Postgres connections.
  • Fixed problem when clicking to edit project theme.