ScriptCase v9.0.006 (2017-06-02 01:27)

New functionalities

  • Added option “Save as” to external libraries available to Scriptcase level.

Specific correction

  • Fixed SQL error in the log application generation with DB2 connections.
  • Fixed SQL error in dashboard indices with DB2 connections.
  • Fixed issue when creating the log table with DB2 connections.
  • Fixed error when creating the security module tables using the DB2 connection.
  • Fixed issue when creating the table in the calendar application with DB2 connections.

Performance improvement

  • Improved “active” field display in the application “grid_sec_users_groups” of the security module


​- Fixed issue in connections when entering the database name.

  • Fixed issue in the placement of fields in the pdf report headers images.
  • Fixed Undefined variable error “NM_tmp_del” when using the macro sc_menu_delete in the menu events
  • Fixed issue in “lines” button display when the Summary, Charts and Details modules were disabled within the Grid.
  • Fixed javascript error when using “Save Grid” option.