ScriptCase v9.0.011 (2017-07-12 19:52)

New functionalities

  • Added InsertCode in Form php methods
  • Added a new template system for creation of virtual learning environments (EAD). Designed to assist in content management and administration of courses online.


  • Fixed issue when dragging events from calendar application.
  • Fixed problem in charts PDF export in HTTPS environments.
  • Fixed error in devel\lib\ php\ line: 838 in font generation with PostgreSQL connections.
  • Fixed problem when starting chart with semi-circular gauge.
  • Fixed problem in generating internal libraries when using classes and objects.
  • Fixed issue in charset of fields label in dynamic group by.
  • Fixed SQL error when executing field in filter containing IF in SQL.
  • Fixed issue when using the sc_make_link macro when using variable in the application name parameter.
  • Fixed problem in the inclusion and automatic change of date fields. If the validation of required fields was performed, the date fields were losing the value.
  • Fixed fields creation and retrieval in the calendar application interface under PostgreSQL connections.
  • Fixed issue when importing RTL images into CSS buttons.
  • Fixed problem when saving the definition in manual lookup. It’s necessary to clear the browser’s cache.