ScriptCase v9.0.012 (2017-07-21 00:27)

New functionalities

  • Added support for chart application in helpcase.

Specific correction

  • Fixed problem in setting horizontal alignment for summary dimensions.
  • Fixed problem when using field automatic lookup with SQL using schema (PostgreSQL).
  • Fixed problem using uppercase letters in dataset of sc_select macro.


  • Fixed problem using label field as primary key.
  • Fixed problem when clicking image of the Image Manager.
  • Fixed problem in displaying the menu icons in the advanced themes editor.
  • Fixed problem in chart application interface and dimensions.
  • Fixed problem in form creation interface.
  • Fixed problem in generating subtotal charts when displaying on the same summary page.
  • Fixed problem in content of HTML editor in form on insert mode.
  • Fixed problem in the path of images on the same server when using HTML Editor.
  • Fixed problem on date/time field interface in grid filter.
  • Fixed image layout of the connections when accessing the Database Builder.
  • Fixed problem in scrolling tabs when opening multiple applications.
  • Fixed problem in the button layout of the Save Grid option.
  • Fixed problem in the layout of the Database Builder interface.
  • Fixed problem in the grid configuration interface.